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Sonic Safari Music
In the early 1990's, I designed a web site for Chuck Jonkey's Sonic Safari Music label. I still have the original files on my computer, and when I look at them I think about how the Internet has matured over the years. Technology may have changed, but my design concepts are still the same, design web sites that are enjoyable, provide important information, and are easy to navigate.

The Sonic Safari Music web site has over 100 music and video titles for sale using the Free Pay Pal secure shopping cart and check out features. I have also added MP3 sales to the web site using an Internet Software that allows Instant Digital Downloads after the payment is processed. In addition, we have recently added music videos to the Web Site using Flash Video. This allows the web pages to play streaming video without having to add server software on the web host site.

Another Internet Feature which we have integrated into the Web Site is the Sonic Safari Music Blog and the utilization of Social Networking. Recently I upgraded the blog to utilize the latest Wordpress Features and it is working well. We now allow the visitor to share posts to Facebook, My Space, and many other social networking web sites. We also set up new Facebook Page for fans of Sonic Safari Music to share their ideas. The latest articles from the blog are also posted on Facebook, so that all fans that like Sonic Safari Music are notified when there are new stories.

Sonic Safari Music has a lot of International visitors. We added the ability to read the Blog Articles in the visitor's language of choice! The new Blog is equipped with GTranslate. This feature is able to translate between 58 languages!

DreamQuest Productions
DreamQuest Productions is an award winning full service production company specializing in extreme production environments. DreamQuest productions wanted a new look and direction for their web site. They wanted an adventure themed web site with the ability to play videos. With the assistance of my Flash expert, we created a Macromedia Flash Video Player for the home page. We then took the adventure theme throughout the rest of the web site, integrating video and photos on the web pages, and the results were fantastic!

Recently, to speed up the home page response time, I re-designed the home page using standard HTML. I was able to integrate various Flash properties to create a Video Player that uses HTML coding to play the Flash Videos. I was also able to upgrade the video segments with a video poster for each video and on-demand play. In addition, each video is enabled with full screen play back. This has increased the load time dramatically and has created a much better impact for the viewer.

In addition to working with Film Producer Allan Smith, I have also helped to create and maintain web sites for his recent projects. These include:
Award Winning Documentary Rescue Men - The Story of the Pea Island Surfmen
Exotic Worlds hosted by Chuck Jonkey
These web site were created for the purpose of promoting Dream Quest Productions new projects to prospective new clients and interested viewers. These web pages include Show Posters, Episode descriptions, and streaming video clips.

The Adventurers' Club of Los Angeles
I was contacted by The Adventurers' Club to help maintain their web site, not to re-design it. My main function is to update and maintain their Program Calendar and to send out a weekly HTML formatted newsletter to subscribers of the upcoming events. The club liked their pages the way they were, they just wanted them updated. Over time I have performed minor fixes and formatting problems to the web site. The web site is now XHTML compliant and the menu is standardized using PHP.

Many times, the visitor has no idea that I have been busy in the background cleaning up HTML code. Since I have been maintaining this web site, I have noticed that Google has taken notice of the changes I have made, and that the overall ranking of the web site has increased. For example, the web site's relevancy ranking has increased, and when you do a search in Google for Adventurers Club, the web site is listed on the first page of results. When I began this project, the web site was not listed on the first few pages. Clearly, the small changes I have made help increase the club's exposure on the Internet.

I recently visited the with the members at the Adventurers' Club, and one of the members told me it would be nice to print the details of a program without printing the entire page. So, I recently added a button to each program description that allows the visitor to print the details of that one program. The best part was I didn't have to create any new pages to accomplish it as it prints the details directly from the page.

The Mind of God
The author of the book, the Mind of God, came to me to help him fix problems that he had on his web site. He had a well-known marketing person work on his web site and while promoting the book, made the web site look unfriendly and uninviting.

So I did a complete make over of his web site, keeping his theme in tact, but making the web site more inviting to visitors. the pages are easier to read, and in many cases I used larger text for ease of reading. In addition, I made sure the HTML coding was clean and easy for search engines to understand what the web site is all about.

L'Image Odier Publishing
When I began work on this web site, the prior web designer had abandoned the company. The web site had a good theme, so I ran with it. I simply did a web site makeover. I kept the overall theme, fixed the pages, made it search engine friendly, and gave the web site a simpler and easier to understand look. I created continuity throughout the pages allowing the visitor a more pleasing experience.

The landing page received a complete make over as it was not inviting to visitors, in fact it was complicated and confusing. I moved the calendar items to the front page as to keep fresh content on the landing page. In addition, along the left side I added product promotions, with purchase links. Added some text to explain what the web site is about, and added new navigation with drop down menus. All pages on the web site are linked from the home page, thus making it easier for search engines to see the entire web site and index it.

Thoughtprint Press
I was contacted by New York Best Selling Author Steve Hodel, Author of the Black Dahlia Avenger, contacted me to create a simple page for a book that he was re-publishing, Thicker'n Thieves. I was able to create a simple design using his information and gave the new pages an old typewriter effect.

Infinite Safari Adventures
I was contact by Infinite Kayak Adventures founder Alan Feldstien to administer his already existing web site and blog. While I have done blog sites in the past, I have learned a lot from this project. Mostly how to better set up and maintain a blog, and what techniques to use to properly maintain these types of sites.

Additional Experience

Rick Jackson has experience in Computer Administration, Networking, Data Security, and Disaster Recovery. Rick started designing web sites since 1992 as a hobby. Since then, he has helped several financial institutions start their Internet presence and provide them with Home Banking services by integrating technologies and servers.

If you are interested in my services, you may contact me at rick@rickswebcreations.net. Please leave your phone number and the best time to contact you, along with the services you are requesting.

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