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Recommendations of Rick Jackson

1&1 Web Hosting Solutions
A question I get a lot is what Internet Web Hosting Solution should I use? I always recommend 1&1 Web Hosting Solutions. As a Web Site Administrator, I work with many different web hosting companies to publish web sites. Of them all, I find that 1&1 provides a fast and reliable service and has a package to suit most user needs at a cost that is reasonable. These packages have everything you will need to create a successful web site, and then some. But the reason I like them the best is because of their easy to use control panel they offer for your account. Just click on the 1&1 banner to the right and see for yourself!

Free MailChimp Mailing List
Everyone wants to have an e-mail program to send out custom messages. Whether you have a regular newsletter, a client list, or just want to create a list of relatives and friends, this program is a good solution and is easy to use. I have tried different e-mail solutions and this works the best for me. If you are not sending Spam email then this is a perfect solution for you. MailChimp's Free Service is a great place to start. Then as you expand you can pay for additions services. MailChimp is also great for keeping you off of Spam lists.

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